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Bolt Together Palisade Fencing

We manufacture a bolt together palisade system which has numerous advantages over the welded panel system.

  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing allows the terrain to be followed so that the fence is always close to ground level. Welded panel Palisade fences are often uneven when installed on sloping ground.
  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily installed by semi-skilled staff as there is no welding on site.
  • Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily transported to site.
  • The anti-vandal bolt and nut system ensure that the palings cannot easily be removed.
  • Sections of the fence can easily be replaced if damaged by falling trees, etc.

PANELSbolt on pallisade fencing

  • The panels are manufactured in a standard width of 3 000mm.
  • Narrower widths can be assembled by simply cutting the horizontal cross members (back arms) provided to suit.
  • There are 16 palings per panel.
  • When using the PREMIER palings (56mm cover width) the palings will be spaced 126mm apart (182 mm centre to centre)
  • When using the ECONO palings (40mm cover width) the palings will be spaced 142mm apart (182mm centre to centre)


  • The cross members are manufactured from Z275 pre galvanised material
  • The section is a 45 x 40 mm angle with a lip of 10mm on both ends and is 2.5mm thick
  • This section provides exceptional strength and does not sag like similar products where conventional angle is used
  • The end of each member is slotted which allows for easy adjustment when connecting to the post and post bracket.

Galvanised palisade horizontal cross memberGalvanised palisade horizontal cross member








  • Posts are capped with a square domed post cap, which is welded onto a post.
  • To determine the amount of posts needed to go with your panels, add one more post to the amount of panels ordered.

 fence posts


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