Cold Formed Palisade Fencing Products

Cold Formed Palisade Fencing Manufacture and Distribution

Standard panels

  • 30x30x2mm cold formed panels 19 palings with a gap of 110mm
  • 40x40x2mm cold formed panels 16 palings with a gat of 125mm

palisade fencingPanels can be manufactured to be narrower in width than a standard 3.0m panel.

Arched Panels

  • A 3m x 8m arched panel ordered will have a 1.8m paling at the centre of the panel that would be the tallest paling and highest point of the panel.
  • An arched panel goes down by 200mm from the highest point.
  • If an arched panel with doggy bars is ordered, the doggy bars are welded on straight and not arched.
  • It is not recommended that a customer takes spiked doggy bars, if they own pets, as the spikes on the palings can injure the animal.

Cold Formed palisade fencingPALINGS

Palings are available in 2 angle sizes:  40 x 40 and 30 x 30

  • The thickness of the material is 2mm.
  • Palings come standard as a 7-spike or 3-spike, with a shallow tail at the bottom.
  • Palings range from 300mm - 3 000mm.
  • The palings are HOT ROLLED steel rolled in a COLD FORM process.


cold formed palisade fencing

  • There are 17 doggy bars on a 40 x 40 panel
  • There are 20 doggy bars on a 30 x 30 panel


  • Pedestrian gates can be built into the main gate or separate.        
  • The gaps between the palings on a 4x 40 paling gate are 123mm and on a 30 x 30 paling gate are 105mm.
  • 3,5m - 4,5m gates are wide enough for a car  and 4,5m - 8,5m gates are wide enough for a truck.

fence postsPOSTS

  • Posts are capped with a square domed post cap, which is welded onto a post.
  • To determine the amount of posts needed to go with your panels, add one more post to the amount of panels ordered.



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