Galvanised Palisade Fencing DIY Guide

  1. The holes for the posts must be dug 600mm deep and approximately 350mm x 350mm wide. The centre to centre measurement of the holes must be 3076mm apart to install a standard 3 000mm width panel.
  2. Using a fish line to ensure that you get a straight line and a measuring tape to determine the distance between the holes, plant the posts in the holes. Use a spirit level to make sure your posts are straight and upright. Each hole will require 1 bag of ready mix concrete. Let the concrete cure for 24 hours.
  3. Take the 2 horizontal cross members and place them on the floor. Bolt on the two end palings ensuring that the flat surface of the cross member faces upwards so that rain water does not collect in the angle. See picture of cross member.
  4. Now take the partially assembled panel and bolt the panel to the posts using the brackets as shown below without tightening too much.
     galvanised palisade fencing DIY guide
  5. Ensure that the desired ground clearance has been obtained and that the panel is level.
  6. Now tighten the bolts on the brackets and bolt on the remaining palings taking care that the paling is not flattened due to excessive tightening.
  7. Once satisfied that the panel is assembled correctly you may snap off the anti-vandal nuts using a ring spanner or vice grip.

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